This series of works using the Huichol technique (colored wool yarn on wax-covered boards), exhibited in 1972 at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, is at the origin of many works in the Terrazas cosmos not only because they are the first to have been produced using this technique, but also because they provide a starting point for his visual exploration of geometric structures. This series, which he began to create in 1970, precedes Possibilities of a Structure. The Tablas are the result of works created in collaboration with Santos Motoaaopohua de la Torre de Santiago, a Huichol who lived and worked with Terrazas for several years. The distinctive characteristic of the yarn threads over wax-covered boards triggers a movement of the image in concentric lines (the yarn being simultaneously line and brush) given the reflection of light that follows the direction of each strand’s application. The Huichol technique, with its warmth of texture and color, contrasts with the rigidity and frailty of geometric compositions, endowing them with rhythm and vibration. The series is composed of artworks that are mostly square, but also feature circular, octagonal, and triangular formats.