Organic Growth

Exponential Growth and Organic Growth each composed of sixteen modules painted in acrylic that, through linear and chromatic patterns, sought to illustrate these two forms of growth or development. In the first polyptych, the system consists of adding lines, exponentially and proportionally, to an initially white square format, until the increase is so intense that the surface becomes a monochrome black. Terrazas proposed Organic Growth as an alternative to combat this model. The underlying system of the series that this piece articulates opts for dividing space until taking it to a process of diversification; thus, the original white square was first divided into two colors, the next into four, and so on successively. The gradual division of the space during the first half of the series manages to visually show sustained growth, while the second is an affirmation of the infinite possibilities that organic growth generates. For Terrazas, the evolution of this type of growth depends on the actions that entail solidarity and cooperation.