Image Mexico

This urban-scale environment project was organized to mark the inauguration of the Metro Collective Transportation System in Mexico City in 1969. On the exhibition poster, which was printed in silkscreen on mirror paper, one could read the words IMAGE OF MEXICO while at the same time seeing oneself reflected on the surface. The idea was to put an accent on the fact that every one of us is part of the country’s image. The exhibition was made up of a vast cumulus of photographs that Terrazas arranged to be taken for this purpose nationwide. This was meant to capture the image of an entire country, its flora and fauna, its industry, its geography, its culture, and its people. These photographs, some of them solarized, were mounted in the advertising spaces installed along the hallways and platforms of every Metro station. The fundamental core of the show could be admired at the Insurgentes station roundabout and was comprised of a monumental photomural that completely spanned its circular perimeter. It incorporated images from daily life in the country through a modern technique of photomontage, featuring views evoking both wonder and originality. For its scale, this piece surrounded viewers and established a distinctive connection between the roundabout’s architecture and subway users.The poster for this exhibition was later included in the exhibition Graphics 1: New Dimensions at the MoMA in New York.

Mirror poster

Solarized image

Gazebo mural