Cosmic Variations

In 2021 Terrazas presented the series Cosmic Variations, works done in wool yarn that stand out for their geometric formats. Underscoring the objectual character of his two-dimensional production, these can be in the shape of triangles, circles, hexagons, or rectangles. Mounting these pieces, to this day, has also been an innovation in Terrazas’s practice. Based on their arrangement on the wall, the artist traces a sort of grid, considering the geometric forms and designs of the pieces. Employing horizontal, vertical, and especially diagonal lines, a framework is constructed that unfolds in the space it will occupy (sometimes he uses only walls, and at others, he also includes the floor). This creates relationships and interconnections between the works, space, and evidently, whoever enters the scenario. This intervention on a mural or architectural scale again articulates a sort of environment that surrounds viewers, underscoring their active presence in this definition of the cosmos.